The family and I just arrived to our hotel in SoCal after a 19 hour car ride from Colorado. And our rooms are super sketch. Like oh my gosh I feel like this should be on one of those hotel commercials.

A Pocahontas henna is happening. I may have to come up with a disneybound outfit to match it.

My Little Buddy.
Acrylic paint on canvas.
(c) 2014

OOOOOOO I need to see what I can pull together real quick. I may not have the right color schemed clothes for her.

So now is the time I try to figure out what Disneybound outfits I want to bring for our trip to Disneyland next week. I know for sure Hipster Ariel is going to happen, and I have Minnie Mouse from a few Halloweens back (I may get the boyfriend to go as mickey for that one). But I don’t know who to dress as for the last day.

What do you all think?

My eyes were super green today. But also I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted some pictures of my go-to make up look.

If only! Haha actually, I’ll be going to Disneyland for a few days instead. Along with the beach and just adventures around old stomping grounds. I went to Denver Comic Con, so missing SDCC won’t be too big of a deal for me.

One Week.

Just one week til I’m back in California. I am so stoked.

Ahhhhh! Look you guys! It’s almost done! The pillow is going to be super tedious, but I’m too excited about how it’s turning out to care.

That is excellent…. great work!!!

Oh thanks you guys! It’s been such a slow process and I’ve been busy with my paintings for work, but I’m making time for it!