I just don’t know if I’d get a good enough following and if I’d be super active on it. I’m not always working on cosplay stuff, so it may go quite a few weeks without any updates. But it’d be a neat Idea for posting all of my pictures.

Umm hey, I just wanted to say you're really pretty!!! and those cosplays are amazing as well! And err yeah that's it haha :/

Oh thank you so very much! It really means a lot! :) I’ve been contemplating about whether or not I should make a cosplay page on facebook or something. We’ll see if it happens or not.

I usually don’t post about religious stuff being that this site is mostly agnostic, but there’s seriously something so incredible about praying with someone dear to you. As a Christian I’ve always wanted to find someone who shared my same beliefs. I tried pursuing dudes that didn’t really have a relationship with Christ, and as an end result they never worked out. But with Aaron, I have someone that not only follows Jesus, he’s actively pursuing Him and motivating me in my own walk.

For the past year or so now we’ve been trying to figure out our future and the steps we need to take to get married and start our lives together. I’ve always been the kind of person that wants everything planned out and to happen exactly as I’ve envisioned it. And most of the time, my plans aren’t God’s plans (example: Had my whole life planned out in high school, but ended up getting my heart broken and having to move out of state halfway through my senior year. Totally opposite of what I had planned, but totally for the better). So tonight we both just sat down and prayed about it together. Giving up plans and trusting in God is incredibly difficult sometimes. But just listening to Aaron pour out his heart and knowing that we’re in this together is incredibly encouraging. Also the fact the Jesus hasn’t failed me yet (and wont ever) is huge. His plans may be different than I imagine them. But they’ll be 100% better than what I could ever put together.

TLDR version: It’s really awesome to be in love with someone who loves Jesus as much as you do. Also Jesus is pretty freaking rad.

Aww why thank you Anon! You sweet person you! :)

Today has been an incredibly productive day! I finally finished all of the weaponry and can now begin on her armor. I still have no idea how to make her arm and leg bracers, but I’ve still got a few weeks to figure something out. I also need to finish all of her belts tomorrow and tailor her red waist scarf and make her headband. There’s still so much to do!

Awwww snap Anon’s angry now.

I lied. The thunderstorm left pretty quickly. So now I can spray paint my weapons while there’s still light. They’re almost finished you guys! :D

Belts are happening now! I was going to sand and spray paint the swords and knives today, but a pretty big thunderstorm decided to roll on in. That’ll have to wait til tomorrow.

The swords are almost done. Now it’s time to work on all of her knives!

I severely underestimated how long it would take to paper mache four swords. Good gosh and this is only the first layer.