Sketches (by Glen Keane) and final animation

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Good gosh this Colorado weather. So today was gorgeous out. It was a high of 75 and sunny, then as the evening rolled in so did the clouds, and a small thunder storm happened. I didn’t mind that at all because I am so ready for storm season to start. Though the thunder didn’t last long and it just started pouring. But even then I was okay. It wasn’t until I headed back home that it started snowing, we’ve already got an inch or so outside. Oh Colorado, why must your weather change so drastically?

Ha I actually am now. It’s supposed to be a 30 hours of famine thing so I’ll have to finish a little later than them since they started much earlier in the day.

My friends are all fasting. And here I am eating McDonalds in front of them.

I am such a supportive person.

You guys this is the first time I’ve ever cut someone’s hair and it actually turned out alright!

Aaron has a track record of randomly cutting/shaving his head or face when he’s bored with it. And sure enough, he asked me out of the blue today to cut off all of his hair. Within the span of 45 minutes he went from hippie to hipster.

Here’s a better gif of my flower crown. I’m seriously going to go the Goodwill for flowers more often. I was able to get $20 worth of flowers for only $4. Like I still have enough left over for maybe two more crowns.

My first attempt at making a flower crown! I managed to get most of the stuff at my local goodwill. It’s pretty freaking awesome when the craft stores in the area drop off a ton of their flowers and such. The feathers and dream catcher are a nice touch too.

Love your posts. What's the story of you and your boyfriend? You both look very happy together, but I've only been following a few months so maybe I missed out on any details.

I’m glad you enjoy my rambles and pictures! And I really don’t talk too much about my relationship on here I guess. I used to be one of those girls where that was all I COULD talk about in past relationships. So I tend to not discuss it more than I need to. But I’ll let you in on our background. :)

Aaron and I met back during our senior year of high school. I had just moved from California, and we ended up meeting at our church youth group one evening. I was new and didn’t know anyone, but this tall guy who was leading worship came up and introduced himself. Aaron and I shortly realized afterward that we were both seniors at the same school (which is awesome because not many people from our church live in Elizabeth). So we got to know each other and would hang out every once in a while. We graduated, went on adventures over the summer, and I started online college.

With a majority of our school friends off in different states, we started to hang out regularly. Then, he finally got up the guts to ask me out over facebook. Because he was apparently “less awkward” asking me in text rather than in person. But at that time I was currently infatuated with some other guy that we had gone to school with, so I turned him down. Though he continued to take me out on small dates and adventures here and there, until I finally realized that he was most definitely the guy for me. So here we are, 3 1/2 years later, planning on eventually getting hitched and enjoying every adventure together. :)

Okay I’ll stop now before I ramble on about him. But now you know our story for the most part!

I seriously should go into the doctors about my cramps. Like they hit me so hard yesterday that I ended up sleeping for over 15 hours just because the pain was so physically demanding on my body. And I think I’m about to fall asleep again here soon. I actually haven’t even been able to stay awake for more than 12 hours. Let alone do things outside of laying in bed.

I did manage to go and ride my bike today with Aaron when I was feeling much more alive and able to do things. But in the hours following my body began to shut down again. So here I am, cuddled with blankets and heating pads, waiting for any chance that my pain meds will kick in. Goodnight.

Plaid is such a good thing.

Thrifted plaid dresses are even better!